About Gammatronics

Even our alpha-builds are
like they were beta tested™

Gammatronics has been providing custom development and consulting services for Microsoft environments and platforms since 2007. Our specific field of expertise is mainly creating Internet/Intranet solutions; solving large corporate environment integration issues using related platforms and services such as: SQL Server, Office SharePoint Server, SCOM, and Exchange Server.

In our solutions, we strive to use the latest technologies, thus helping our clients to keep up-to-date with IT developments. Besides keeping up with new technologies and rapidly changing platforms, we concentrate on providing long-lasting, future-oriented solutions for your needs.

Applied software development methods

The constantly changing trends of software development methods well illustrate that there is no universal answer for the problems associated with software development.
In our opinion, development methods are a set of models, having both advantages and disadvantages. The method used should be determined by the characteristics of the project, not by our personal perspectives.
Therefore, we use different methods for different tasks.

Development methods used:

  • Rapid application development
  • Incremental development
  • Spiral development
  • Extreme programming